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About Us


In The Midst of Terror

In 1975 Vietnam was overrun by the North Vietnamese Army. April 29th of that year saw thousands of South Vietnamese fleeing for their lives to the harbor in Saigon. As mortars landed in the city and harbor, thousands were killed and/or wounded.

Hien (Lyly) Do was a 10 year old child that last day before Saigon fell to the communists. She was witness to the terror that took place as South Vietnamese families were torn apart. Lyly tells of the terrible storms at sea as the barge was thrown about with no motors or sails to propel the craft. The starvation and chaos aboard the barge with certain death imminent caused everyone aboard to lose all hope of rescue.

This incredible story tells of the will to live and faith that after several days without food and water finally brought them to safety. Hers is a story resulting in her belief in God. This story as told by Hien (Lyly) will inspire your attendees through laughter and tears. Your attendees will thank you for years to come.

Hien (Lyly) Do recently returned from Vietnam where she spoke and provided aide to orphanages of adults and children devastated by Agent Orange. Her love and care inspired hope in even the worst cases she came upon. People with the deformities from this chemical are often overlooked. Lyly took great care to tell them that they are not alone. That someone truly loves them. She made even those with the most severe afflictions smile. Her generosity brought them large amounts of food along with the message of God’s love and grace.

Because of her faith, God has laid upon her heart then Calling to help fulfill The Great Commission traveling to the uttermost parts of the world bringing His love and hope to those who have been forgotten.

“In The Midst of Terror” Coming Soon

The memoirs of Hien (Lyly) Do highlighting the events at age ten to the present. A book of inspiration to children and adults alike. Her personal thoughts on her American experience. What America means to her and her family.

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Our Mission

The Hien Do Foundation brings food, medicine and shelter to those living in extreme poverty, severe mental illness and severally disabled elderly in the Delta Regions of South Vietnam. Your generous donation will feed, provide medicine and shelter to those most in need. The staff is made up of volunteers willing to sacrifice their time and energy to bring love, understanding, compassion and hope to these severely handicapped children and adults.

This foundation exists because compassionate people like you willing to help those in desperate need..

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Hien Do Foundation

The Hien Do Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to providing aide to the forgotten, helpless and undesirable people left behind after the Vietnam war which ended in 1975. Thousands continue to suffer from malnutrition and sickness. God has laid on our hearts the Great Commission. To go to all the world bringing His compassion and love to His people.


   P.O Box 221747
Denver, CO 80222-1020
   Tel: 720-662-6353
   Email: info@hiendofoundation.org
   Website: www.hiendofoundation.org

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